Air Freight / Sea Freight

Through our partner agents network, Sun Moon Cargo LLC is able to pick-up or deliver cargo from and to all over the world, whether airline freight services are required for general cargo. Whether AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, DOOR TO AIRPORT OR DOOR TO DOOR services are required.

This service is for cost effective shipment where time bound is not priority. We provide very good cost effect rate for FCL or LCL cargo to and from any port in the world with support from our partner shipping agents.

Charter Service

Charter service from Sun Moon Cargo LLC is the ultimate way to get your cargo from Airport -A to Airport -B swiftly and safely, anywhere in the world. Sun Moon assigns a team of professional exclusively at your disposal responsible for every detail, from planning to delivery. Our strength in Charters is part of our highly customized approach to provide service that is impeccably matched to your individual needs. Safe, efficient and precise - that's the aim of our charter operations team to facilitate any and all of your needs.

Safe, efficient and precise - that's the aim of our charter operations team to facilitate any and all of your needs.

Animal Care / Cool Chain

We specialize in handling the transport of live animals by air in large quantity. We take special care in the transport of pets as well. We handle full charter aircraft for the transport of live stocks to and from Dubai.

Where there is need for products to keep in consistent temperature throughout transporting it from point of production to end delivery, We arrange special containers to provide a customized cool chain to keep such products in required temperature consistently from the pick-up point to the final destination.

DG Packing & Documentation / Packing

Cargo containing dangerous goods is subject to national and international regulations. Such cargo must be properly declared and clearly identified as containing dangerous goods.We do DG packing and documenting with certification as per the GCAA regulations requirements.

We have a inclusive workmanships who will do sophisticated packing services to customers. Packing of all small and large products, etc. is done with care, professionalism and quality packing materials. At time re-packing services are required for Police / Customs screening for odd size cargo and you can contact us anytime, as we are located inside Dubai Cargo Village.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance might sometimes be a difficult process and may cost your company time and money, therefore we will guide you through this process for time saving and smooth clearance.

  • Export Clearance
  • Import Clearance
  • Transiting Clearance
  • Exhibition Clearance